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Starting today

Hello people who love computer languages, programming, software engineering, computers and technology. I am doing this blog to report, share and help people with my experiences in programming and the topics related. I have worked with programming since i was 15 years old when I have started High School. The first language I have studied was Clipper. After three years with Clipper and some of Delphi I stayed 2 years without programming. So I started Information Technology studies where I learned some languages like c, c++, java, pascal, delphi, php, asp, javascript, html... Of course I have learned the basic of any language but after I worked 4 years with Visual Fox Pro and 2 years with Delphi and I made some Home Pages with html, flash, php i got some "Know How" I guess. Therefore I have had experience in languages and algorithms I have many things i want to know and I feel that I need to share with you. I also will post questions because now i am working with C++ and its a wide language and you can make a lot of differents applications and get differents doubts.

I hope you all like this blog and put your question and code here and I will try to help you.
My name is Carlos Augusto from Brazil, I am 26 years old.

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